30 November 2007

The Procrastination Suit

Well, good lord. I've done it again. Created one of those situations where there's no possible way to get everything done without massive cramming. I know that work always gets done, but ouch! This is also the weekend of hideous/fun things like two Christmas parties and JC Penney pictures for the kids. Ugh.

Oh yeah, and guess what? Apparently I'm giving a speech at the NEOMFA graduation next Friday. So if there's a faraway look on my face at the Happy Birthday Baby Jesus Party tomorrow afternoon, or if I drop my piece of pizza on the floor, it's because I am thinking of what to say and how to say it. I like giving speeches and that kind of thing. Fortunately it will be before the students read (i.e. before I start weeping hysterically about the fact that Sara is graduating, even though I'm not sad, really). I will definitely invoke the spirit of Hart Crane.

Even though I'm procrastinating I did manage to get all of our Intro Journals nominations formatted and whatnot, so that's good.

Here's what is distracting me right now. Thanks to The Colt for passing it along.


Frank (the Colt) said...

I think you'll like it. Thanks for bring Craig to class yesterday. It was nice to have only one person reading for the whole class.

Penultimatina said...

Yeah, it's pretty all right.

Glad you liked the reading!

PS--you need to update your blog.

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