The Dark Side

Confession: I'm in the process of sending a short story out to a contest. Yesterday I totally slipped up and said something to the effect of: I'm submitting this story because poetry really isn't my genre. I meant to say even though fiction really isn't my genre. Jay Robinson thought that was really hilarious. Eric Wasserman is not going to let me live it down, if he hears.

Any other poets ventured to The Dark Side lately? Interpret that as you will.

Below please find some cheery holiday snow. Our snow is gone now, so this will have to do. Today's my hand-poetry-portfolios-back day, so Alleluia! But the work is far from done.


that is too funny Mary. Good luck with the story. I've been working on writing a story for a while, it sucks because it takes a lot longer.
Anne said…
Fiction is hard!

I had a short story published something like fifteen years ago -- my only published fiction ever. But, I just submitted a short story to a journal not long ago. It felt really weird! But they had a special theme, and I didn't have any poems that fit, and then I got out the story and thought "hmmm, this actually doesn't completely suck" and tinkered with it for three or four hours and sent it in. Who knows whether it has a chance... but it was fun trying. I'd like to do more.
Penultimatina said…
The Colt--it was THAT story, the one I told you about.

PS--Eric Wasserman needs to get a blog!
Long long ago I wrote fiction. And then my attention span . . . attenuated. So I ended up splitting the difference and writing a bunch of prose poems. :D
Justin Evans said…
If by 'dark side' you mean not having written a 10th of what I should have over, say, the past year of my life, then yes, yes I have slipped into the dark side.
I'm planning on going there (prose fiction or something not really poetry) as soon as I'm done with my current review and poem draft.
Amy said…
A group of talented and lauded fiction writers let me hang around with them in a workshop, even though I can't imagine writing 10,000 words and throwing them away and starting over. I've offered to leave the group voluntarily, but they say no. (Maybe they're just being polite.) I've learned much from them, but I agree wth Anne: Fiction is HARD.
Karen J. Weyant said…
Honestly, the dark side for me has been starting a blog. It seems very weird to have my own writing so, well, out there. I have had numerous people come up to me on campus to tell me that they've read my blog. Weird.

Oh, and I know you have probably done this before, but you've been tagged.