28 January 2008

Scramble on!

Anyone else out there doing the last minute scramble? I always think I have things under control, and then I realize there's still sooo much work to do. However, I have the pedagogy forum handouts all copied, and I'm starting to pile up the things I need to bring to NYC. 90% of my wardrobe selections have been finalized. Okay, more like 85%. I'm keeping my fingers crossed for balmy weather.

On the menu today? Catching up with my inbox (gotta love it when you get a bunch of pdfs at once, and your mail starts bouncing, and everyone panics), kicking off a poets-in-the-schools program with my right-hand man, The Colt, then attending a departmental meeting.

Sara and I take off Wednesday afternoon for our very-brief flight to NYC. I will be sure to post pics here and on facebook. In the meantime, well, I guess I'll just keep on scrambling.


Amy said...

Am scrambling too, Miss Mary, and I don't have children or literary magazines or university presses to worry about.

Penultimatina said...

Amy, this morning I was thinking about how happy I am that you'll be there. Yay!

jeannine said...

Have a great time, Mary! Have a great signing and may you sell a ton of books!

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