Colt gallops around pasture, jumps first fence

Today was our Graduate Symposium, featuring creative writing by Emily D. Dressler, Dawson Steeber, and The Colt, Frank DePoole. Here is my photo essay on the day's exciting events.

It was business as usual in Olin Hall. Jay and Sara and I were working on a grant. My office is being taken over by piles of paper. But everything was to be put on hold for The Colt's reading.
We packed up early to head over to the Martin Center, after Eric Wasserman helped me treat a gushing wound on my right pinkie. All I needed was a band-aid and some diet coke.

Ta-da! Here I am in the parking lot. Look at our snow!

I am going to wake up screaming in the middle of the night thinking of this picture of Eric.

There was a reception beforehand. This is what Jay V looks like when he realizes that someone has inadvertently eaten Swedish meatballs on a Friday during Lent. I've messed up every Friday thus far. Obviously I am distracted.

Soon The Colt took the stage. He was hilarious. I wasn't the only one laughing, by far. Frank did a really good job. Congratulations, Frank!

Here's the proud orator at the end of his gig. Tomorrow night Jay R and I read at Bela Dubby's. The fun just never stops in Northeast Ohio!


Thanks for the photo essay. I look funny in these pics. Can't wait to hear you and Jay read.
Penultimatina said…
Thanks, Frank! Congrats on a fabulous debut. :)
Whisper Shifter said…
It's okay Mary. I ate some meat balls too. Guess we've both trangressed!
Penultimatina said…
I think Raven Woman made me do it.
Amy said…
Sorry I missed you and Jay at Bela Dubby's. Had no ride to Lakewood from the east side. Also in meltdown mode because my best friend move to Seattle over the weekend...
where's the pics of Bela Dubby's?