07 March 2008

A farewell to green.

ATTENTION all silly, deluded plant life of Northeast Ohio! Haven't you been reading the paper? Listening to the secretaries cancel people's classes and appointments? Driven down the streets and seen the flakes on their way?

I tried to warn these here sprouts--they're hostas, I think--but to no avail. They just kept growing there. And now we're supposed to get, like, a foot+ in a day, and then more. Maybe the plants like it. Maybe it's warm under there. But I am not convinced.

Weather like this makes it hard to obsessively plan for spring. I've started tearing off wallpaper in our kitchen (and no, Greg, you can't paint it purple), and I have all kinds of ideas about making Ray's bedroom a boy's room and not a nursery (which is fun, now, but it will make me sad). I also think we are going to get Invisible Fence. And we definitely need to power wash the house. Oh yes, and the soil in our front yard is so crummy that I think I may do more with containers this year. What's that? We're getting another blizzard? Say it isn't so!


Meagan said...

Actually I think a fast coat of snow can be protective to plants... it's the severe frost that kills them. I can't actually grow anything so I don't know for sure, but I've heard my gardener friend talk about protective blankets of snow before. I hope spring just comes instead so it doesn't matter.

Penultimatina said...

Aha! Good point, Meagan.

Stay toasty!

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