10 March 2008

Reporting from the polar Midwest.

It was pretty dark out there this morning, daylight savings and all, and there are huge snow piles all over the place, but life's getting back to normal in Northeast Ohio. I am so glad to be back in the office and out of the house, though not exactly looking forward to going to the grocery store today to restock. It'll be nice to have fresh fruit beyond clementines, though.

It takes a lot for me to be rude on the phone. But I just was, because the people at the gas company were rude first. WTF. I was thoughtfully responding to their letter re: my meter, and they had to get all rude with me? Rude, with me? After all the money I send them, too, with my thirty-year-old furnace?

Jeff Newberry is first up in the Barn Owl Review contributor interview series. Go check it out! Gary McDowell is next. Interested contributors should contact Sara, interviewer extraordinaire.

One nice thing about snow--it's sparkly!


Debbie said...

You've been tagged

Jay Robinson said...

The one thing that amazes me about the spring forward with the clock has to be how much later it is light outside already. I know we bumped things by an hour, but it didn't get completely dark last night till 8. And the night before it was dark about 6:45. Plus, it was awfully strange to see it light so late with all the snow on the ground.

Driving home from Akron this afternoon, I had relearn how to drive on the ashphalt. Over the past few days, I'd just figured everything had been repaved in white.

Anonymous said...

I'll tell you my story about the gas company...it will make you feel better about being rude on the phone!

P. J. said...

RUDE? To YOU? Go get your gothiest boots on and we'll go kick someone in the face a while.

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