19 March 2008

What the muck?

Greetings from the dreariest place on earth. It's 38 degrees and raining, it's spring break and the piles of work are unescapable, and there's nary a ray of sunshine in sight.

Okay, there was a ray of sunshine when Jay R and his bebeh Sam came by this morning and delivered a latte and some cheer. And of course there was Monday, which I didn't spend at my desk after all. But I'm paying for it now.

I think there's something up with the universe (or maybe just the Northeast Ohioverse). Things that shouldn't generate extreme drama are being blown into the stratosphere. Everyday annoyances are like gunshot wounds. And I just ate three hershey kisses in two minutes, and I don't feel any better.

See you in the Dumpster, Sara? I'll bring the Pringles.


Sara said...

I'll bring the camels. Hrumph.

word verification: iou - fuel (okay, so that wasn't *exactly* it)

Penultimatina said...

Better make that two packs.

Let's skip the dirty girl scouts this time, though. ;)

Frank (the Colt) said...

Just go work-out. It help me feel better after Monday.

Jay Robinson said...

The muck has only continued. With no latte for Sam and I to bring you. The Ohioverse doesn't seem to want to let go of this winter for some reason. I could do with a little global warming right now.

Kristina said...

And get ready for another 3-6 inches Friday night, at least according to our over-excited weather frogs on the 11 o'clock news.

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