27 May 2008

Le mot du jour.

I'm a person with some funny superstitions, and some superstitions that are just for fun. One of the latter superstitions involves checking the large dictionary every time I'm waiting for the elevator in the library. Then I take a picture with my camera phone. The picture is always terrible, but at least it helps me remember the word du jour. I thought this one, from today, was totally perfect, so I'm posting it even though it's blurry.

Do you ever go through stretches where a certain kind of poem gets on your nerves?

Right now I'm bothered by poems that contain gratuitous natural materials that don't seem to be furthering anything significant in the poem. Like a careful description of a leaf descending on a breeze, followed by a discussion of moss covering a stone. And not covering a stone in a creepy, suffocating way, or a provocative way, or a transcendent way. But just covering it. And then the poem's over, and that's all.

I like writing (and reading) about nature, but I feel like it needs to do more than just fill space.

Perhaps a different type of poem will bother me tomorrow. Thank goodness I always have plenty to read.


Jay Robinson said...

A good word for the day today might be "baffling"

Penultimatina said...

Or maybe "Domino Sugar Bag!"

Amy said...

"Frost" is the word for the day up here. And not the Robert kind...