A big day in birthdayland.

Today my kids turn 6 (Gabi) and 2 (Ray). Yes, I'm so neurotic that my kids have the same birthday. The cake above is the first of the day, as we'll be having a small family party tonight. And that's it! No piñata, no goodie bags, no mass chaos. I'm so glad it ended up this way. Now we just need to keep them from fighting over toys.

Super happy birthday wishes to Steve, too. If I had photoshop, and time, I would've written his name on the above cake, too.

In unrelated news, it's been less than two weeks, and we've already received 146 submissions to BOR. It's fantastic! If you're thinking about sending us some work, and still deliberating, don't wait too long, as I expect us to start accepting stuff next week. I will keep you posted! This makes me so nervous. Will another journal swoop in and steal the poems that have stolen my heart? No, please no!

Another beautiful, sunny day today. I may just have to go read outside.

A poem by the amazing Wayne Miller on Verse Daily today.


You picked a super-awesome birthday for them, at least. Thank you for the virtual cake. It's the best kind for me right now. :-)
newzoopoet said…
Oh, I hate when that happens...I get my heart set on a poem and THWAP(!) it's gone. And I'm relatively quick with acceptances, too...Luckily, it's only happened two or three times in 10 years.
newzoopoet said…
I forgot to say...New Zoo has been flooded with submissions, too. I think it's because a lot of journals close their doors for the summer. On the one hand, it's a luxury to be able to accept the best of the best; on the other hand, limited space means sending back a lot of really strong work.

Thanks for the update on Barn Owl, Mary. I need to take my own advice and get busy! :)
Jay Robinson said…
Happy birthday to Gabi and Ray! That cake, btw, looks pretty good right now....
Talia said…
How efficient to have the birthdays all at once. I'll definitley keep that in mind if I have a second!
Karen J. Weyant said…
I'm a tad bit late with birthday wishes, but I will say them anyways! Happy Birthday!
Happy belated birthday to your kids.
June 12 is also my birthday.
Hooray for the geminis!!!

(Sad news: June 12 is also George Bush Sr.'s birthday)

(Good news: June 12 is also Helen Keller's birthday)