Rust Belt Riviera

If you're lucky enough to live in the midwest, there is absolutely no need to go to exotic places like Florida or North Carolina or Guam to experience the joy of sandy shores. Nestled right on Lake Erie, in Erie, PA, is the fantastic peninsula of Presque Isle State Park, where you can get gritty on the beach for free, and on one tank of gas (or, if you drive a teensy Toyota like I do, one tank round trip).

Here are some photos from our trip.

It's funny how smokestacks on the opposite shore of the beach seem perfectly normal to me, but would likely be rather disconcerting to some visitors.

We did not eat at Laura's Dinor, fyi.

Very happy to be back home, though not exactly ready for Monday...


newzoopoet said…
I guess Laura concentrates on food, not spelling (*grin*).
Trip sounds like it was fun.
Anne said…
Does Laura's Dinor perhaps serve (gulp) fried dino???