21 July 2008

...and the winner is

Big news from Steel Toe Books, with many congrats to the NEOMFA's own Jessica Jewell, who was a finalist.

Between reading for the Akron Poetry Prize (595 submissions total) and Barn Owl Review (almost 500 subs total, since June 1st), my mind is swimming with poetry. I wonder if poetry is like water, and you can get sick from too much of it. By the end of the week, I may have my answer one way or another.

BOR is going to get a fly new website later this week, including our new BOR Online feature, which will include essays and interviews.

Have you checked out Other Latitudes yet? This is a cool feature on goodreads.

Other Latitudes (Akron Series in Poetry) Other Latitudes by Brian Brodeur

My review

rating: 5 of 5 stars

Attempting to repair the fissures of everyday life, Brian Brodeur negotiates the psychological distances between desire and disgust, humor and catastrophe, banality and dream. The poems of Other Latitudes begin in the realm of personal experience, and expand into larger territories of cultural narcissism and political blindness. These poems meditate on the tenuous relationship between artist and subject, the curiosities of self-inflicted wounds, and the presence of hope in a landscape that is intrinsically scarred. Brodeur's debut illustrates the conflict between inner lives and their outward appearances, with an eye turned to the unforgiving natural world.

~Mary Biddinger
Editor, The Akron Series in Poetry

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Finally, a question of the day.

Are you as excited about poetry book "subscriptions" as I am?

I love this idea!

Like, you pay one price and get all the books as they come out.

What a time saver. I always want to buy books (especially directly from the presses), but then I forget, or something comes up, or I can't find the table at AWP, or I can find the table but I get all shy and I'm afraid the grad students will cuss me out or something, so I hide in the bathroom. But with the subscription you can make sure you don't miss a thing.

Any thoughts on this?


Anonymous said...

The subscriptions for poetry books are a great idea.. I can think of 3-5 presses that I'd subscribe to in a heart beat.


jessica said...

thanks mary! I didn't even know. Since I've been out of the country I think I've been a little out of my mail loop :) !!

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