29 July 2008

Persistence, Beer, and Beards

Check out the Barn Owl Review website version 2.0, which debuts our new electronic companion, BOR Online. Many thanks to our designer, Greg Thompson, for his wizardry.

Currently featured, and permanently located, on BOR Online: Persistence, Beer, and Beards: A Conversation with Brian Brodeur, author of Other Latitudes by Frank DePoole. Go take a look, and buy Brian's book already! You can even take a peek inside. BOR Online will regularly publish essays and other tempting offerings, so check back often, give us a bookmark, and spread the word.

There's some of the below going on today. We'll be posting a BOR#2 contributors' update soon. We've received over 500 subs in the past two months. Thanks so much for your support!

1 comment:

SarahJane said...

the new BOR site looks great!

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