10 August 2008

Serious deliciousness at The Office in North Hill

So, suddenly we ended up with a few free hours on Saturday night. I'd been dying to check out The Office in the North Hill neighborhood of Akron, and I am happy to say that it exceeded my expectations.

First of all, I love neighborhoods, and by that I mean that I don't dig Fairlawn, strip malls, and chain restaurants. So The Office already had one thing in its favor: location. Super convenient, awesome area with an urban feel and a real sense of history, and parking out back. From the moment we started walking to the restaurant, I felt like I was in Lakewood, or back in Chicago, and that made me happy.

The place is gorgeous inside, and absolutely spotless. The staff are super attentive and friendly, and the food...heavenly. I love seafood, and actually had to agonize over the lobster ravioli or the cajun scallop special (went for the latter, and it was delish). The wine list is worth the trip in itself, and the separate bar section would be a great place to get together with friends for a martini. We weren't crazy about the house red, which is an Ohio wine, but had to try it. The tempranillo was delightful.

Here are some pictures:

The outside of The Office is just as swanky as the inside. How often does that happen?

A sneak peek at the menu, which is modern and adventurous without being overly confusing or too detailed (I love Crave, and the menu entries don't bother me, but folks I've eaten there with were rather overwhelmed).

Here I am gloating that I did not order the Ohio wine. I'm sure there's good Ohio wine out there, of course. I do love Ohio.

The bathroom passed all 175 of my assessment markers, including being clean enough to perform surgery in, having an awesome light fixture, and offering a luxurious hand soap. I was so smitten with this light fixture that I had to take a picture.

Here's the beautiful bar. The mysterious glow about me is due to the natural light flooding in; it is not the result of the absinthe, which I did not try, but they have it, apparently.

I recommend The Office highly, and can't wait to go there again, perhaps with my BFF and partner in the Akron Culinary Tour.


Anonymous said...

Dude, your hair got longer while I was gone! Maybe you can give me some since I seem to going bald these days!

Justin Evans said...

I wish I could go out to eat, but i just started a new fitness program, and for the first 2 months I have to severely limit my intake of food, which means anything that tastes wonderful is the first to go.

Penultimatina said...

Justin, I'm glad I didn't take tempting photos of the food this time, then.

Jay, you heard my plans for AWP, right? I need to get my hair REALLY long. And it's almost there.

PS--you are not going bald.

Cheryl and Janet Snell said...

Last month, my sister Janet tried out Chrissie Hynde's place and liked it. Your Tour is making me homesick, Mary!

maybelle's mom said...

I had never heard of this place. thanks for the review.

AMR said...

Mary, I LOVE restaurant reviews written by poets! Almost as much as clean bathrooms! Maybe FD & I will have a chance to check out The Office when we're in the area for the Wick Reunion in Sept. or Feb.

AMR said...
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