Do not disturb.

In addition to pacing the halls and gorging myself on gummi candy in various species, I will be avoiding work by reading Julie Platt's gorgeous new chapbook, In the Kingdom of My Familiar, now out from Tilt Press. Would you check out that subscription deal? Brilliant.

Regular programming and further questions to ponder will resume next week. In the meantime, I leave you with a glimpse of this lovely cover.


julie platt said…
Yay!!! Thank you for buying the chapbook, and for promoting it on your blog! I hope you enjoy :)

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I also just picked up this chapbook and agree that is it quite lovely. :)
Justin Evans said…
It is a really wonderful book of poems.
Jay Robinson said…
I think I want to borrow the chapbook when you're done!

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Penultimatina said…
Jay: no.

Not unless you ask nicely. In German. On Easter. Or St. Joseph's Day.
Justin Evans said…
Bitte. Ich wunsche Seine Buch. (Oder, ist das 'Ihr' Buch?)

Wurklich, habe Ich ein Kopie.

My birthday is on St. Swithin's Day, does that count?
Tilt Press said…
Hi Mary! I'm sure you will enjoy the book - Julie is such a great poet. And thank you so much for the linkage!!
AlexG said…
my god... what eyes.