Soft as snow (but warm inside).

I'm a little embarrassed to admit that I look into my blog archives for guidance sometimes. Am I always this disorganized in week two of Spring semester? How long did winter last in 2007? What was I doing on this day in 2006?

I was cruising the archives yesterday, and realized that my productivity levels have a lot to do with the seasons, though maybe the academic calendar has something to do with it as well.

In response, I ranked my seasons of writerly productivity like this. 1 is the most productive, and 4 is the least.

1. SPRING (My favorite season! I'm always so manic and itchy, in a figurative way, not a "needs benedryl" way).

2. FALL (Oh yeah. Fall is actually my favorite season, especially from a sensory standpoint. But it also corresponds with the new semester madness, which is a big buzzkill).

3. SUMMER (I did a NAPO with some friends last year, which really helped, but typically summer is no time for writing poems).

4. WINTER (Bah).

How do the seasons rank for you? This is wholly unscientific on my part, and if I wasn't totally behind right now I would try to quantify. But here's my stab at it.


Justin Evans said…
I am not able to project by any season. I thought I would never write in the summer, but this past june I wrote 15 pieces and even had the motivation to work them. I suppose my writing cannot be measured by the seasons.
Talia said…
I like all seasons, except this one!
J said…
I was so geeked-out to see an MBV reference!
Penultimatina said…
J--that song has been in my head on continuous loop. I am so geeked-out that someone identified it. Thank you!
Anne said…
I tend to write the most in fall, I think. Rapidly changing seasons spur me on, and that slightly bittersweet feeling that each perfect warm day could be the last one for a while. I don't write as much in winter for the simple, stupid reason that my study is not well insulated so I can't comfortably sit at my desk and work, so I either have to sit on the couch or leave the house.
Mella said…
Winter is my least favorite season, yet I think it may actually be my most productive, writing-wise.

Summer's are always a wash - too much else to do.
I love the spring time the most...I know it's cheesy but my writing comes to life with the rest of mother nature from a cold and quite winter...though if there is something beautiful like a calm and lovely snowy day, I will try to get something poetic done...summer and fall or sort of neutral for me and how I feel about writing

I do write a little more in the Winter because of the break for the holidays and because I'm fixing things up for journal submission. Summer is definitely my writing season.
Vince Gotera said…
Hey, Mary. I have allergies and asthma, so winter is my favorite season. The air, while cold, is the best then: crisp and exhilarating. Spring is the worst and summer somewhat. Fall is meh. None of the seasons are connected to my writing at all. I write when I write. Whenever.