15 February 2009

AWP: the old fashioned way.

It's "home from AWP with bounteous pictures to upload" evening, and facebook is being wonky. The horror! So here are a few highlights. The full scoop to come later. I will say that it was my favorite AWP ever, and that I had a total blast. Thank you to all the folks who bought Akron Series in Poetry books, and copies of Barn Owl Review #2! Our sales were unprecedented, and we are so appreciative.

Dorking out with Eric Wasserman and BOR #2

Torturing The Colt while he sold BORs.

Akron Series in Poetry authors get to ride to their readings in style (on the #22 bus with John Gallaher).

The Akron Series in Poetry table was bedecked with Mardi Gras beads thanks to Alison Pelegrin.

Here's Alison signing Big Muddy River of Stars.

With Akron Series in Poetry author Heather Derr-Smith, author of The Bride Minaret.

Hanging with Gary McDowell, who always smells so good.

After the diode/Anti- reading with Jay Robinson and Noah Falck. Thanks to the TypewriterGirls for their spectacular negligee escort and supreme dance moves.

And finally, here I am with the sign after we cleared out. What a great conference! I'm not quite ready for it to be over (in more ways than one).


Peter Joseph Gloviczki said...

Looks like a good time was had by all. Hope to see you in Denver next year :)

Nic Sebastian said...

So envious. Looks like you all had a blast..

kristy bowen said...

That was hilarious running into you on the elevator on the way out after the conference, after several times thinking over the course of three days, "hmm..odd that I haven't seen Mary."

John Gallaher said...

I nominate you for princess of AWP, due to your graciousness and poise.

I had a great time.

WV: rophin

As in "rophin around."

Karen J. Weyant said...

So sad that I missed it -- looking forward to the BOR issue!

Liz said...

Nice photos - looks like fun all round : )

Gary L. McDowell said...

It was so great to see you, Mary. Too bad we only run into each other once a year... thank God for twitter and facebook and blogger!

And I may smell good, but you give the best hugs of anyone at AWP. So maybe, just maybe, I spritz the cologne one extra time on days when I think I might run into you. ;) Just kidding... about the extra spritz, not about the hugging.

Anyway, hope you're well, and talk soon! And congrats on selling so many books! I'm loving John's book, of course!

Margaret Bashaar said...

It was an absolutely fabulous time getting to hang out with you/escort you on stage!

Collin Kelley said...

You and Reb were the girls about town! Glad it went so well.

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