Cruellest month? Really?

This is about how I feel right now. It's the time of year where my office is teeming and seething with thesis manuscripts, AWP event proposals, student papers and poems, and various other projects. Add to that a full reading schedule, and the amazing Brian Brodeur coming to town to read, and you have quite a maelstrom.

What I want to know is how on earth we're going to have AWP next year in APRIL. Isn't it the busiest time of the year for most academics?


Well, for those of us on the quarter system, April's just the middle of the Spring quarter.

But, indeed, April's certainly a busy month.
It's busy for us non-academics, too -- but I still hope to make it back to AWP. Hang in there!
I guess that guarantees that I won't try 30-in-30 next April, and that I'll do my taxes no later than March. Just as well...
Frank said…
Might be nice, though -- a bit of a break from campus in April.

Of course, the run up to the break and catching up afterward will be Hell, but the actual AWP itself might be a nice change of pace come April.

(there -- my daily quota of ignorance-based optimisim has been shared)

WV: gyriang -- seems like there are some letters rearranged or missing there. Like it's almost a word.
whirly-girl said…
April is a shitty month.
Mizzou's last day of classes, like most state schools in midwest and south (which really started out as ag schools, so this makes sense...) is the very start of May.
April, weather wise, is also a shitty time.

On an unrelated note--I made my blog permissions only. Give me the e-mail address you use to log into blogger and I will add you to my list...
greg rappleye said…
I agree, April really is too much.

I am damn near collapse.
red-handed said…
Crushed, but with tabs for pulling.