25 June 2009

The Longest Day of the Year: Thursday

The photo above is from Wednesday night, post posting. It's not cheating. Below, please find photos from today, which at first did not reveal itself as intending to be incredibly strange.

I'm going to do this until Saturday, and then I will never do it again.


P. J. said...

I ate dinner at 10 p.m. last night because I thought it was 5. These long days are confusing me.

Vince Gotera said...

Mary! I really like that first photo. First I noted how neat your wood floor is. It took me a while to realize you were in the picture too. I think I might have seen your arm early on but didn't register it as such. (Though you have a beautiful arm.) And then there you were peeking out of the bottom corner. Very cool. Hope you're well! --V.

Justin Evans said...

It makes me sad to think you will never do this again. No hyperbole, no prevarication.

Penultimatina said...

Hi folks!

Vince, thank you! The floors need to be refinished (1938 bungalow, and under carpet until 2005), but they're stellar.

Justin, I may do it again.

P.J.: did you think it was 5 am?

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