17 July 2009

Dear Brain,

* Please put up your away message soon. You're going out of town this weekend, Brain.

* Brain, you will undoubtedly pack a lot of work to bring with you, and you have to do some of it. Be warned, however, that you will not do all of it.

* Brain, please remember that you have to read that Edgar Sawtelle monstrosity for the book club that you moderate. Remember, the book club? You are no longer in graduate school, so please do not plan to read it in its entirety 1) in one day; 2) at a bar; 3) on a bus.

* Brain, I will not tell anyone that you are simultaneously really enjoying your new administrative gig AND falling in love with teaching all over again, and with poetry all over again.

* Brain, two poems in a week is enough. Everybody, almost, says you need a vacation.

* Brain, don't forget to pack a jacket in case it gets cold.

* Brain, do not bring a bunch of books with you. You won't read them.

* Brain, if this isn't the strangest summer ever, please don't tell me. I can't imagine it.

* Brain, yes, I know that I am lurking in the background of that photo, so don't point it out like you're smart or something. I can see right through you. It's two-way glass.

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