What's growing in Akron right now.

Above image notwithstanding, now that my week-long photo journal is done I keep seeing perfect things to photograph. Huh.

In case I haven't mentioned this outside facebook, at the beginning of 2009 I decided to write a new poetry book ms. And guess what? I'm on page 43 now. And I really like this one (a first for me). I've been writing at least two poems per week. It's kind of nice being inspired, and pleased with the results.

Can't believe my summer class starts in less than a week. What the heck? It's a poetry workshop, though, so I'm excited. And in the fall I'm only teaching one class, due to certain new administrative duties. ONE CLASS, and one of my favorites to teach.

Oh yes, and I've now read over 450 poetry book mss this summer. Yeow.


Justin Evans said…
You are a poetry saint for putting up with that much reading.
Ha! Justin got the "saint" comment in before I could. But yes, Saint Mary indeed.
Wow. Lots and lots of manuscripts. And here I have trouble just keeping up with the Weave submissions! I am humbled.
John Gallaher said…
One class! Forget the 450 ms... in the fall you get ONE CLASS!

Whoa. Now that sounds like a little slice of luxury.

You should take on a huge new editing project.

Oh, and give Wasserman my address, plese. And make him send me something.
Penultimatina said…
John, I am directing an MFA program on top of that.

But a new editing project--especially something quite ambitious and large-scale--that sounds like a good idea.
whirly-girl said…
Mary--that amount of manuscripts is sort of on par with what Persea had last fall when I was reading, with a few others, for the Lexi Prize. Except WE did all of the first-reads in a bullet-train session on a Sunday evening. Every manu got read twice. TWICE. By a motley group of 8 or 9 poetry PhD students who were happy to have pizza and beer and time in a very cool house with a very cool dog named Tess as their payment. But regardless...whether reading the manuscripts in one session or spreading them out, that is a LOT of crap to sift through...
Two poems a week is a good ratio!