28 October 2009

Bird's eye.

I'm still not writing, but I'm taking pictures again, and that makes me happy. I'm using my real camera quite a bit, and the camera on my blackberry too (I figured out how to turn that evil flash off). Every day I see 2-3 things I wish I could've photographed, but either wasn't quick enough or was too self-conscious to stop and ponder. There's a lovely sewer grate with my name on it here on campus, and some day it will be mine.

Right now I'm contemplating frugality. I've never had to be especially frugal in the past, but being on my own and supporting two kids by myself, I need a crash course. I'm trying to only purchase items I really need at the grocery store. In my former life I'd cut myself a blank check for groceries and end up buying all kinds of strange items. Last week I shopped when I had barely any time, and that helped. My one semi-indulgence has been turning my creepy basement into a nice rec room. I'm hoping it will be a good investment.

Perhaps this is a personality quirk, but I always consider the week I'm currently in to be "over." So I'm already in week 11 (out of 15) of the semester. Somewhere near the end of September time sped up. It's warm here now, and though I spent several hours with the leaf blower the other day somehow my yard is all leafy again, just not quite as bad. The leaf blower had a direct effect on my handwriting, after shaking my wrist for that long, and my signature looks like the scribblings of a madwoman. I think it's funny. Thankfully I don't have papers to grade right now.

I think I had a dream about AWP Denver last night, but I don't remember any of it.


Matthew Thorburn said...

Hi MB, here's to taking more photos!

I haven't been writing poems either, except for a rhyming birthday poem I wrote for a friend -- which I don't think is going to see the light of day beyond the birthday party...

Penultimatina said...

MQT, maybe I should try writing a rhyming birthday poem and see if that helps. :)

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