17 November 2009

Now you see it.

I know it's only Tuesday, but I have a sense that if I make it through this afternoon and evening I'll be entering the home stretch of home stretches. I guess that's rather optimistic thinking for someone with a boatload of grading on the horizon, but so what.

The university is making cutbacks in janitorial services. This became readily apparent about thirty minutes into the first day of the reduced services. It's especially bad timing because people keep dropping post-Halloween fun sized candy wrappers on the floor. I have been picking them up. I hate it when things are untidy (except for my closets, but nobody sees those). When I interviewed here, one of the things that impressed me about this school was how neat it was. I think I may have to engage in some vigilante cleaning.

[Confession au sujet de fun sized candy.] Although I am not usually a candy fan, I have been eating my way through my kids' Halloween loot in an attempt to prevent disappearance. Now that I am no longer cooking large, bland meals every night, I have found it surprisingly difficult not to lose five-ish pounds every two weeks. People have started asking if I am ill. Hopefully candy will help. I am trying all kinds of candy that I never imagined existed. I guess I should be eating something more wholesome, but I have to get rid of the candy somehow, and my kids certainly don't need it. When the candy is all gone I will begin baking loaves of whole wheat bread. As long as you can bake them in the crevices of a laptop computer.

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Valerie said...

How creative! I would love to see a cookbook of laptop recipes. :) Maybe then, I would cook more than pasta and pop tarts.

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