31 December 2009

Wherein the world turns upside down, and rather likes it.

If you'd asked me on New Year's Eve 1999 (a day that I'm not sure I remember, for some reason) what things I would most definitely not be doing on New Year's Eve 2009, I am sure that the following would be among them:

1. Going to see a Disney movie in the theater.

2. Drinking a tumbler full of gasoline, mixed with broken glass and scorpions.

3. Getting a tattoo of Venezuela on my eyelid.

4. Making mashed potatoes.

5. Eating an Ohio State cake from the grocery store.

However, I will be doing most, if not all, of the above today. Okay, three out of the five. What other way to ring in a new decade (yeah, yeah) and flush the old one down the toilet for good? Of course there will also be all the other components of a good New Year's Eve, but I'm a little tickled at what I would never have done in the past.

I started the day by being the first on the block to have a fully cleared and awesomely shoveled driveway (and sidewalk! I may be among the dog walkers again some time in the not so distant future). In a few minutes we're going out to play in the snow. It's one of those winter days where you could really go out there with just a heavy sweater and mittens (and pants, of course).

I know I should be posting something weighty about my resolutions, but honestly, I've already checked the important items off my list. I have a few things to get better at, but I have climbed my mountain and staked my flag at the peak, and now I'm just sitting here looking at the sky.

Oh, and the Ohio State cake is thanks to Gabi, who is a rabid fan for some reason. I'm not renouncing my U of Michigan diploma any time soon. After all, it helped get me here.


Kells said...

It's amazing what our life does.

I'm going to see the Chipmunk movie today. I'm making chocolate cream pie, cleaning my files and staying home. My 1999 self would think I'm a little old ladyish, but I'm happy.

Happy New Year, Mary! May your next 10 years provide even more wonderful moments than the first decade of 2000!

MichaelWC said...

Since I see the cake, I'm going to guess the other two of the three are the gasoline and Venezuela. Bottoms up?

Penultimatina said...

Michael, you are correct. Thankfully the gasoline took the edge off the tattoo process. :)

Lyle Daggett said...

Okay, so I've now completed two poems since the discussion started here about doing three poems before the end of the year (again, discussion of the decade question being put on hold for now).

So (being in Central time) I have about two hours and 15 minutes left to write a third poem before poets turn into pumpkins. Haiku, anyone?

Regarding the petrol with shards and stingers -- I take it that's shaken, not stirred?

And when do we get to see photos of the eyelid art?

BTW, Happy New Year!

January said...

Happy New Year, Mary! Looking forward to reading your blog in 2010.

Valerie Loveland said...

Thanks for posting the 3 poem challenge before 2010. I think you pushed a lot of us poets to get extra writing done.

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