23 January 2010

What's next.

Hi. I'm still here. I guess I had a busy week, or something. It took me a while to recover from the double dose of flu shots last Friday, but today I am finally feeling 100%. If I'm counting correctly, I got almost nine hours of sleep last night (not including some earlier, accidental driftings into dream land, wherein I had a very bizarre dream about carnival equipment driving down my street).

Last week was somewhat disrupted by my routine-smashing attraction to Await Your Reply by Dan Chaon, a book that seriously caused me to consider not eating or sleeping until it was done. In 2010 I have also read Lit by Mary Karr (I felt awful one night reading it with a glass of champagne), which was good but not casbah-rockingly so, and now I am reading The Weight of Heaven by Thrity Umrigar. I wish I could read poetry books for fun, too, but I can't. I spend too much time evaluating them, or I get way too into them.

Reading Ariel again this week, and Now You're the Enemy by James Allen Hall, both for my classes. I wish I could feel the same things I felt about Ariel when I first read it twenty (!) years ago.

If you haven't read this yet, what are you waiting for? I want it printed on a t-shirt. A lady-style t-shirt, of course.

This week was a big one for po-news, as Steve Kistulentz won the Benjamin Saltman Poetry Award for The Luckless Age, and Gary McDowell won the Orphic Prize for American Amen. These are both spectacular manuscripts, and I am so excited that they've found such good homes. Congrats, fellows.

This is seriously cool. I'll be up in the next installment.

I'm back to sending poems out again. I even made a little (handwritten...sigh) chart and stuff. I can't move forward with my next project until I hear about some funding, but I hope I can still squeak some poems out. It feels gross not to be writing. I will be spending the afternoon with some of my favorite poet friends, though, so that is bound to energize me.

Oh, and I get to shop at Heinen's today for stuff for a delish dinner, and some of those wicked desserts they have. I wish Heinen's was closer.

I also wish that cats could vacuum up their own fur. What the heck.


erieblue said...

I love your fake dog and the list post!!

Penultimatina said...

Thank you!

What do you mean, fake dog?


Geoffrey A. Landis said...

We just did Awaiting Your Reply as the book to discuss for our dim-sum book club book!

Mike Young said...

I'm glad you liked the list, Mary. I like your work a lot. =)

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