05 January 2010

Wherein the author has a taste of her own medicine, and it tastes AWESOME.

Have you ever looked at an outdoor staircase and thought, damn, I would like to rope those stairs off with a seat belt thinger and pack a bunch of snow inside? If that's the case, then move to Akron, and you can see plenty of the above. It's really just a measure to cut back on shoveling, methinks, but it's still kind of hilarious when it's right outside the library. The yellow rope makes it look like fun. Perhaps if you queue up in front of it someone will eventually let you in for a frolic.

So far this has been an interesting week in the department of things lost and things found. This story became a lot happier a little while ago, when my son's long-lost comfort item was recovered. The other day we were visiting my friend, and it was dark when we left, and Baby (Ray's little stuffed animal lemur) somehow disappeared. We searched everywhere. But then my friend and his kids found Baby on a snowbank, miraculously unscathed. I can't wait to reunite Baby and Ray this evening. This is the first time one of my kids has had a consistent comfort item, and I was seriously upset about losing it.

The rest of the story? The part that actually has something to do with writing? Well, that would be the tale of the lost manuscript, or at least the lost sequenced version, which had been MIA for months, and finally reappeared. Once I found it, after I did a little jig and high-fived all four people who are in the office working this week, I three-hole punched the pages (terribly, I might add...think swiss cheese) and put them in a binder.

I had never tried that before.

Which is funny, because I have my thesis students put their poems in binders.

The thought had never occurred to me.

I mean, my mss have to be, you know, spread out across a hardwood floor.

But it is so easy to flip through and make changes!

And then read it all over again.

Completely awesome. I have no idea why it took me this long.

By the end of the week it'll be formatted and out in the universe.

Thank you, Saint Anthony.

In other news, if you look to the left you'll see the widget for our new Akron Poetry & Poetics fan page. Check it out for information on our new venture: The Akron Series in Contemporary Poetics, which I am co-editing with John Gallaher. I'm so excited to be starting this new series, and we have a fantastic lineup for the first volume, but I am also sad that John won't be publishing any more of his own poetry books in the Akron Series, now that he's part of our editorial staff and all. More on the new series soon.

Today I keep thinking I still have my hat on, but I don't. Do you ever feel like that?

I mind snow a lot less when it has those big sparkly flakes. I am getting some bizarre snowblowing muscles. I like the relative peacefulness of snow removal, but I would be very happy if it stopped for a little while.

Here I am on the way to the Press this morning. At least I don't feel like I still have my hat and hood on. Note bleak winterscape in the background, minus the students, who don't return until next week.


Gary L. McDowell said...

Mary, WMU does the same thing with staircases all over campus. The one at the library is a real pain though because it creates a horrible traffic jam. Silly people.

And the world is a better place now that you've found your manuscript!! Woohoo! Good luck with sequencing and revising.

Penultimatina said...

Thanks, Gary! I can totally smell you as I type this.

(That probably sounds funny to people other than us).

So glad this isn't just an Akron snow thing.

Stay cozy!

Michael said...

Mary~ That is why the rings in the binders open. I mean manuscripts have to be allowed to play on the floor once and a while. Then they go back to the binder. ;)

Penultimatina said...

Michael, why didn't I think of that?

Even with swiss cheese, it's possible.

Gary L. McDowell said...

Yes, people are probably very worried about us... but I get it, and I thank you. In news on that front, I've been working the new cologne, giving it a tryout. I dig it so far.

Stay warm!!

Word verification: covepoof. Yes!

Lyle Daggett said...

Here in Minneapolis we had around a foot of snow on the 24th and 25th, and on Xmas day the temperature got just "warm" enough (above freezing) that all the snow turned to a great sea of slush everywhere. Then right after that it turned hard cold, and has pretty much stayed that way. (Low temp near 20 below zero a couple of nights.)

So all the melted slushy snow froze up solid, and now the sidewalks and most of the sidestreets are fields of super-slick ice, and walking to the bus stop in the morning becomes an Adventure in Baby Steps as If Your Life Depended on It Which It Does.

The cold isn't too bad, once you get used to it (and you just learn not to stay out in it any longer than you have to). But navigating the fields of ice can be a little exhausting.

Haven't seen any roped-off so far. Though if it ever thaws, there are likely to be some areas of sidewalk downtown roped off below tall buildings, to protect people from falling chunks of ice.

Ah, life on the tundra.

(Good news about finding your MS, and about finding the lemur pet.) :)

Word verification is "flantru". Can that be pastry of the month?

Penultimatina said...

Lyle, I was really hoping for a flantru this morning at the coffeeshop, but apparently they've outlawed the "flan to go" in Akron. This is a crime, for sure. :)

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