12 February 2010

A little roar.

The snowflakes in Akron, Ohio are no longer charming. Sometimes I wonder why on earth anyone decided to settle in the Midwest, given our horrid winters. It seems like everyone's getting hit with snow this year, though. I'm glad that at least we're well equipped. I am also very thankful that I have a solid, formidable 1930s house that keeps the heat in, and a thirtysomething furnace that still kicks out.

It's hard to believe that March is just around the corner. I've been reading admissions portfolios and commenting on student poems, and not writing much, though I did write a poem after my last post, so alleluia. I still haven't quite figured out google buzz, but I'm there. What's it for? To make my gmail even more cluttered and daunting?

Tomorrow I get up at the crack of dawn to bring my daughter and her bff to the Women in Engineering program's Career Day for Girls. I hope they don't throw me out for being a poet! I am good at science, though, so if they put me on the spot I'll just say something about the periodic table. Such as: it rocks, and I no longer have it memorized.

AWP is almost around the corner. Can you believe it? I have shopping to do.


P. J. said...

I don't know that they intended to settle in the Midwest. Pioneers passing through probably got stuck in a snow bank and said eff this, let's just built a fort. And then they snacked on Doritos and bear meat until April, got lazy and grossly obese, ran out of food, ate their only means of transportation (both oxen) and had no way out.

Lyle Daggett said...

Fortunately you have a stegosaurus standing guard at your window. It's well-documented that no amount of snow can get past a stegosaurus.

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