12 March 2010

Light at the end of the something.

When I leave here in 20 minutes I will be "on spring break." However, given the pile of work that will be accompanying me, and the fact that I will barely have childcare next week (though my daughter does have school, which will warrant the usual 5:20 am wake-up time), I think that calling it a break is really pushing it.

I'm also totally sick again. Back to back bugs. Maybe if I sacrifice some of the final remnants of snow in my yard, I will be able to have good health again.

But which pile to ignite? They're all disappearing. We have a lot of sticks and branches to pick up this week.

I'm looking forward to my un-break anyway. Had a spectacular response from BOR #3 contributors, who read their galleys with great speed and got back to me right away. I've never been a Managing Editor before, but I've done all of this stuff before, one way or another.

The other day I was thinking (yet again) about how much of my office work background I use in my life as an editor and administrator. It rivals the doctorate in terms of necessary education. I did have to get used to using a newfangled fax machine, though. I miss the old screechy sound.

Here's a little galley peek. Did I mention that everything is going to be different this time around? Except, of course, the awesomeness, which will always be there.

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Sandy Longhorn said...

Hope you get to feeling better soon! Of the remnant snow, I say, set it all ablaze and clear the way for spring.

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