Lately I have been trying to use every minute. This does not mean that I am trying to put every minute to good use. I've just been watching the clock a lot, without watching the calendar as much as I should.

My summer class ends this week, which means that next week, and the week after, will be "do everything you didn't do in the past five weeks" weeks.

I was just overwhelmed with a sense of panic because at this time last summer I'd probably written half of my new manuscript, and I have, like, three poems for the manuscript I hope to write this summer. But then I remembered that I'll be taking some time off to write, and fixing this problem.

I almost think I know what this new book will be about.


Justin Evans said…
Sie ist Rock Star, Mary!
Penultimatina said…
Danke, Justin! :)
Maggie May said…
write on. or ' write! it's all you are good for! '