23 November 2010

Hang on to your [ - - - ]

Hello from the headquarters of a person who can breathe. She can also talk and sleep and eat food. She can take pictures of the moon. It's hard to take pictures of the moon. I mean, really hard. I want--I mean, she wants--to take a lot of pictures. Perhaps this is to compensate for the lack of poems lately.

She is already making her New Year's Resolutions. One can be summed up as : Get the Fuck out of There.

By "there" I'm sure she's referring to the office. Not Dodge. Dodge is just fine, for now.

The person who can breathe, she realized (from the time when she couldn't breathe) that she can get a lot more done at home. As a bonus, she can get these things done with cats nearby, which is almost always a good thing.

The person who can breathe, she's not happy that her kids will not be home for Thanksgiving. However, the person can breathe, and has thereby made some fun holiday plans, including a day (Friday) dedicated entirely to laziness. So if you are fixing to email somebody who can breathe on Friday, please forgive her if she does not reply. It is not because she is waiting in line to purchase electronic gadgets at a bargain basement price.

Updated BOR contrib list here, and a list with some good friends on it here.

Thanks so much for all of the well wishes on the book. The person who can breathe feels tremendously grateful, and thoroughly oxygenated.


Eric Alder said...

I've also been having difficulty photgraphing the moon. (I need a nice zoom lens) I'm often inspired to write by the photographs I've taken - not that they're breathtaking photos or anything, but usually there's something that caught my eye in the first place.

Sandy Longhorn said...

So glad you can BREATHE again!

The moon is such a trickster woman. I've never succeeded in capturing that opalescence in digitized form.

Although sad for your empty next, that lazy Friday is making me jealous.

anna said...

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