08 December 2010

Rampant cheer.

I may not be able to take a decent picture of the moon, but this photo proves that I can indeed photograph snowflakes.

When not busy photographing snowflakes, Mary Biddinger is juggling two books to be sent off to the printer, final grades for undergraduate poetry workshop, various and sundry administrative matters, waving her fist at the weather, and making resolutions for 2011.

Sometimes I wonder why anyone ever settled in a place like Ohio. Even though I moved here by choice (twice), and didn't grow up here, Ohio is the land of many Biddingers. But why? Did the winters remind them of the old country? Were they just a lot hardier than their frail little great (x ?) granddaughter?

I am trying my best to make this winter break an actual break.

That's a pre-resolution.



Eric Alder said...

I share your frustration about photographing the moon, and so far the snow here in Michigan hasn't amounted to anything photo-worthy.

(I'll get some nice snow shots as soon as something good shows up)

Ohio ain't all bad - you've got Cedar Point and Six Flags!

Best of luck with your many responsibilities, and enjoy your winter break!

P. J. said...

I wondered the same about Indiana, PA. I figured pioneers from NY were looking for Ohio, and simply gave up: with a shrug of the shoulders, some wagon master heaved a heavy, "Well, good enough" and there you have the start of western Pennsylvania. Which means Ohio got all the settlers who were made of sterner stuff. OH > PA.

Sandy Longhorn said...

excellent snowflakes!

confession: I often feel guilty for fleeing the Midwest for the South...but not guilty enough to move back above the snowline. :) I enjoy the image of little MaryB shaking her fist at that great big weather machine that dumps so much snow back home

Jeannine said...

Also an Ohio evacuee...all places I have lived (LA, San Diego, Napa, Knoxville, Richmond VA, and Seattle) have been better weather-wise than toocoldtoohot Ohio, I'm sorry to say - but, I did find Glenn there, so it can't be all bad...
Now if only I could get my family out of Cincinnati...

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