26 January 2011

Into the wild blue wherever.

I don't know anything at all about Washington, DC, except that in a week I'll be going there. I didn't have one of those junior high trips to DC. My parents took me to Paris instead of DC. My friends and I road-tripped to Toronto instead of DC. The other day I realized that my dad only recently went to DC for the first time (a business trip).

I think I am a complete freak of Americanness! Or un-Americanness?

Today was a day of headaches. I hope they go away soon.

I love my classes this semester. Like, I am sad when it's a non-teaching day. I have so many talented and fun students who are generally awesome people.

Talking about The Endarkenment in my undergrad poetry workshop tomorrow. Yeah!

After a big scare, BOR 4 is finally on its way from the printer. Whew.

If the snow would melt and my sinuses would disappear, the world would be a completely happy place.

Washington, DC. I guess I'm on my way-ish.


Lyle Daggett said...

I've been to D.C. twice over the years, once for a political protest in front of the White House (the building is smaller than I'd imagined), and once to visit friends.

When I went on the friend-visit trip, we walked a little one day around the Capitol area, and (and I'm not making this up) on the rear side of the Capitol building it was propped up by huge wooden timbers. If I remember correctly, the extra bracing was to support a weakening building structure.

I found the subway/train system there pretty easy to figure out.

The AWP hotels are (at least on the map) just a little west of the National Zoo. They're not particularly near the Capitol and the other monuments.

Robert Mc said...

If you have some spare hours, the Newseum http://www.newseum.org/ was about the coolest museum I've ever seen. If you are at all into media-reporting-current events-history, it cannot be beat. Beware, I only had an hour to spend there--it was not enough time. Also, the Vietnam War memorial, and all the memorials in that area, are great to see. Have a good trup!

Penultimatina said...

Thank you, guys! This is super helpful. :)

chelsea said...
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