15 February 2011

Ordinary(ish) time.

Can tomorrow really be just Wednesday? I think we have weathered enough (literally and figuratively) to deserve at least a Thursday, if not better.

AWP went by so quickly that I barely got to process it before it was over. Two of my UA Press homeboys, Nick Sturm and Michael Goroff, did a pretty sweet wrap-up over here at the press blog. Now I am heavily planning for AWP Chicago. It's going to be the fifth anniversary of Barn Owl Review, and there will be festivities. Stay tuned. In related BOR news, contributor copies and subscriptions are going out this week. It's a really awesome issue. So excited to get it out into the world.

Right now I'm full of energy in the ideas department, which is frustrating because all I can do is comment on poems and undertake administrative tasks. I'm doing two readings this weekend and I would really like to have a new poem for one of them. I am finding it hard to block out time to write lately. I believe I have written only 2-3 poems in 2011. I need to get my urgency back.

Still under ice and snow here, but there was some sunshine this afternoon, which made a rather enormous difference.


SL Heitz said...

Keep at it! You're amazingly productive to me.

BTW, mere moments ago I pre-ordered Saint Monica. Really looking forward to it!

Marie said...

It hit 50º here on Monday, seemed bizarre & spontaneous, back to the normal chill since, but for the day we were all giddy with intimations of spring.

BOR4 is terrific, great work!

(word ver; germi. Oh dear.)

Sandy Longhorn said...

Yay, Sunshine! It does make all the difference. Have fun with your readings this weekend. Sad I can't be there to listen and observe.

Penultimatina said...

Thanks, Sarah! And Sandy, I think there's going to be a podcast of one of 'em. Will keep you posted! :)

Penultimatina said...

PS: Marie, so glad you like the BOR. :)

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