27 June 2011


According to the poems I have been reading lately, the world is pretty damn full of birds and trees that keep waving branches around for various reasons. Sometimes the birds are on the branches, but not always. Sometimes the birds and the branches are somewhere other than America, and the poems usually clue us in to that fact in the title.

Birds haven't been on my radar much otherwise, though we did have a creepy squirrel incident a while back where twenty or so of them rampaged a neighbor's tree, then crossed the street in a mob, and then rampaged a different neighbor's tree. So far I have not seen this phenomenon appear in a poem, but who knows. I have a lot of poems yet to read.

May and June have been my po-diet months. As in: no-po. I've written one poem since the end of April, and I think I will keep it that way. Maybe two, but I'm going lo-to-no-po, kind of like a cleanse but without any grapefruit juice or whatever. I feel as though I have lost pounds upon pounds of productivity. I need not-writing time, however, and I think my poems will be different when I dive back in again.

In the meantime, I will amuse myself by photographing the ground, which has more personality than you'd think, even though it is wingless and flapless and branchless.


Alyssa Ast said...

Enjoy your break. I just took 6 days off because I realized I wasn't getting any writing done. Now, I am recharged and ready to write again!


Justin Evans said...

I've pretty much moved on from birds.

Now I'm all about

a)writing poems about the building a town and the history of hard work.

b)trying to learn how to write narrative poetry so I can tell historic tales out of school about said town.

c)learning how to be more expansive in my lyric poetry to match my narrative efforts.

Again, I am a trend setter ahead of my time.

Lyle Daggett said...

The dreaded squirrel mob. Oh yeah, they're a menace. Hanging out in front of the candy store, snapping their fingers, saying "Hey, Daddy-O..."

Word verification is "ingbarks", which I think proves my point.

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