17 February 2012

Friday as a verb.

I almost named this post "the stacks" in the hope that writing a blog post about stacks of work/paper on a desk would somehow clear off those stacks of work/paper. But instead I'll organize them. I will Friday them.

It's sunny, and the snow has melted. I did not sent the kids with snow pants today. Snow pants! I totally hated those things, even though they enabled me to spend hours sitting in snowbanks.

I haven't written a ton this week, but that's okay. It's getting busy. This weekend is dedicated to my AWP paper and NEA grant. I don't know why I always have to print out the NEA guidelines and put them in a folder. It obviously hasn't had a helpful effect in the past. Maybe this time will be different.

I am feeling kind of funny about going back to Chicago. This will be only my second trip back since I moved away in 2005. The other, of course, was for AWP 2009. It's different now, since I just finished a book about Chicago, and am knee-deep in another one.

Happy Friday, Fridayers.

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nomadwayoflife said...

That's a good verb.. worthy of a submission to Wikipedia

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