You can go your own way.

Working on getting things done and recovering from last week of not getting things done.

Quite aware of the fact that I haven't written a poem in a few weeks. Yesterday I had to keep jotting things in my notebook, only I didn't have a little notebook handy, and that's how I know I haven't been writing.

It feels springlike here. The lawn has started getting all green. We don't have any flowers yet, but soon.


David Grove said…
Here's a way I can fill up a page or two of my notebook when I'm exhausted: "Insurance. Ancillary. Lariat. Atavistic. Stickley furniture. Turandot. Dotage. Agonistes. Tesla coil. Oil rig. Rigoletto...." I can feel like okay, I played with language today, I'm not letting poetry slip away from me.
The Super Mom said…
Love your pictures....They say so much!!