15 February 2013

Kickoff of the Insurgency Tour

Last night I was lucky enough to begin the O Holy Insurgency reading tour at Case Western Reserve University, where Joshua Ware's Poets of Ohio class asked me some fascinating questions about the book, and about poetry in general. Next week I'm off to Minnesota for the Prairie Gate Literary Festival, and after that, AWP Boston, where I'll be reading for Interrupture on Thursday night, and The Country Dog Review on Saturday night.

Sandy Longhorn posted some thoughts on OHI here, and the first review of OHI is here. This new book thing really started sinking in last night when I had to pick a copy of the book to be my official reading copy. Many thanks to Black Lawrence Press for making the text so clear, and the book so easy to read from.

I thought I would have the new book jitters, but that wasn't the case. I did, however, read some of the more familiar poems from the book, so we'll see how it goes when I begin trying some of the non-standards.

I decided to make personalized, signed copies of the book available via Paypal, through my website. Let me know if you would like one!

Barn Owl Review is at the printer, along with several UA Press projects. I feel like I need to get a lot more sleep before I'm ready conquer the travel on my calendar.

Many thanks to Kati Mertz for the photo above.

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