25 January 2014

Winter in Akron, OH.

So this is the scene here today. Started out with some little dry flakes this morning, then turning to big chunky flakes and gusty. It's hard not to reminisce about the snowstorms of my youth, back when this kind of winter was typical (unlike last year, when we didn't get enough snow to make a single snowman).

Love the cozy, but not the feeling of falling behind. Kids home = no peace, no work time. Thankful, however, for a new furnace and being together. 

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Lyle Daggett said...

It's been a ferocious winter. Here in Minneapolis we've had two or three nights when the low temp was down around minus 20, and several days when the high temp was below zero. (That's actual temperature, not counting the wind factor.) Supposed to have another couple of minus-20 days this coming week.

Likewise it's been a while here since we've had deeply cold winters like this. It happened pretty often when I was a kid growing up here.

When it gets that cold, the snow underfoot creaks like old boards when you walk. The air feels like it's attacking you all over your skin. When I go out in it I plan ahead so I spend minimal time outside. That's how to survive tht kind of hard cold.

Stay warm. :)

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