21 April 2014

Last stop on the O Holy Insurgency tour.

Had a blast reading at Saint Lawrence University in Canton, NY, though bittersweet because it was the last stop on my O Holy Insurgency reading tour. I felt so lucky to have beautiful weather and to get a good walk in, as well as a bit of sightseeing before chilling with the super smart students and faculty and having a really memorable night.

Still totally riled up from this review of OHI in The Kenyon Review. Hats off to Michael Meyerhofer for the National Poetry Month nod here, too.

I've been making some poetry resolutions, and one is that I seriously need to get organized about my own work. I'm not cool enough to use a spreadsheet (if you are, I strongly recommend Matt Bell's form) but maybe I should at least try harder. My attitude is usually, Oh, I'll just write new poems rather than figuring out what poems need homes, and that's like buying new pajamas because you can't find the ones that just came out of the dryer.

Looking forward to a week off between Spring exams and the start of my three-week summer World Lit class. Maybe time for some spring poetry cleaning/organizing.

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