07 May 2014

Six for the road.

Spring 2014 was a record semester for fine student poems. 
Poetry workshops are the classes that come most naturally for me as a teacher, but boy do I hate saying goodbye, especially when the class has a fabulous vibe and could meet for another six months with perfect happiness. Right now I'm in the process of bidding adieu to some chapbooks and other final projects that I don't want to part with, like, ever. 

Hence, the cranky gradingface. The supersad. The don'tgo. I'll miss you, poets and poems. 

In other news, I'm sending thanks to Atticus Review for publishing six new poems, along with an interview. Check it out!

Yesterday I submitted the final final draft of A Sunny Place with Adequate Water for typesetting. It's starting to feel real right about now.

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