13 May 2014

Sky creeps.

If last night is any indication, we may be in for a wild summer here in Akron, OH. It's strange how you can start out with a few funky clouds, and then end up hunkered down for several hours. Thankfully we don't have damage other than a wet basement.

Waiting for the arrival of A Sunny Place with Adequate Water, while vowing to make good on my promise to get new poems organized and do final revisions of Small Enterprise

In June, I'm going to write new poems. 

For some reason it feels like everything is taking me ten times longer to complete lately. Comments on a student's chapbook: 2 hours. Email message with multiple links: 55 minutes. 

Or maybe I'm just being more generous with my time?

1 comment:

António Eduardo Lico said...

Hope you can have some good sunny weather to be ready for new poems.
Have a nice day.

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