25 July 2014

While you were out.

Is it possible for something to be both super easy and terribly difficult at the same time? This is the question I've been pondering lately. I have a number of items on my plate, and can't tackle them yet due to various factors. So I guess I can plan, store up energy, and try to enjoy this part of the summer for what it is. 

Case in point: my spider plant decided to bloom (bloom? bloom!) while I was out of the office. I'm so happy I was there to witness it briefly and take a picture, even if I was wrangling the kids at the time and couldn't spend much time admiring it. 

This sounds crazy, but I miss being able to go to work. It's not just the daunting matter of confronting a burgeoning, roiling inbox without an inch of quiet, but the separation of spaces. I don't want to cook next to an stack of poems, unless I'm choosing to do so. I would really, really like to be able to write a poem. That will have to wait until September. 

In other news:

Huge thanks to [PANK] and Sarah Henning for reviewing O Holy Insurgency here. There's no way to describe reading a review of your work where the critic clearly understood not only the poems, but your motivations for writing them. 

I have two new poems in this kickass issue of Banango Street. Yay! 

Furthermore, did you know that Barn Owl Review is celebrating women writers this summer? Poetry editor Sarah Dravec has been contributing a series of reviews of books by women poets. Add this link to your bookmarks, and check back every week for a new review. It's like an Advent calendar, except weekly, and filled with brilliant reviews of brilliant books of brilliant poems. 

In the miscellany department: I realized I've lived in our house in Akron, OH, longer than I've ever lived anywhere. Nine years and counting. 

I think that's it for now. 

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