19 June 2005

Anyone need a model?

One Model Place is the last place I'd expect to find my name online, but hey! Who says my poetry classes aren't useful preparation for the life outside academe (see under Training).

Here...how's this? Oh yeah, guess I need some makeup, eh?


Matthew Thorburn said...

Hi Mary, Congratulations on the move and the teaching gig -- sounds like things are going great!

Penultimatina said...

Thanks, MQT! Seems like just yesterday we were tiny undergraduates eating Thai food, and here we are, all grown up, and still doing the poetry thang. Amazing, really!

|| t e | sia || k || said...

yeah i think that's a perfect shot chica! If i wasn't so busy already, i'd say we'd should build a
onepoetrychicasplace.com. shots of all of us in alluring poses on with word bubbles containing dickenson-esque words of angst and isolation.

god that'd be a great satire eh?

ah heck. let's do it=).

Penultimatina said...

Tesia--I'll have my digital camera on Monday, and was actually thinking about taking some pics for the blog (post pina coladas might be best, eh?). :)

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