Gratuitous RHINO plug

If you haven't already checked out RHINO, perhaps the most fascinating litmag in America (though I'm slightly biased, being an editor and all), then you should get yourself a copy. Poets and short-shortsters out there, consider submitting! We're pleasantly eclectic, and we are currently reading for our next issue.

Here's a sweet little pile of links:

RHINO home page
current issue, w/ several reviews by yours truly
submission guidelines
get you some RHINO


wwwhitman said…
yes, I have read most or almost all of the current issue of Rhino and I must say, it is an impressive collection. Along w. other impressive selections such as "The Frog" which opens the volume and "Back Cover" which appears a little further on, I was esp. impressed w/ reviews of two new poetry books the reviews being penned by one Dr. MB who I found to be an especially discerning, and generous, critic, willing to seek out and see the best in one's work and also writing about it in a way that is intelligent and fully aware of the "subculture" of poetry w/out being laden down w/ jargon and silly terms which make some "reviews of poetry books" seem pretentious...

This is a really impressive volume and I urge everyone to purchase it!
gina said…

I'll put a link to Rhino on my blog. Are you in my part of the country? Seems you are. I'm in AZ right now, but teaching in IL. We should talk.

Penultimatina said…
Gina--thanks! I'm in Chicago for another twenty days, and then I'm off to Akron, Ohio (leaving a longtime gig at UIC for U of Akron/NEOMFA).
Well, MB, of course I'm biased for several reasons, but I concur: RHINO is grrrreat! I definitely recommend it whenever I can...