30 August 2005

Papercuts: twice a nice when they're on your tongue

Happily survived the first day of teaching, and actually had a blast. It would've been perfect if not for the torrential rain, but I'm not complaining in light of the weather grief other folks are experiencing these days.

Currently working on a proposal for a new International Poetry class, along with starting my tenure & promotion binder. (Yes, they asked me to do it now and gave me a deadline; I am not that dorky.) Got some actual work done in my office today, and yesterday finally put all the paperclips and post-its and emergency deodorants and stickers and pilot precise v pens in my desk drawers. I am definitely settling in. It sure is nice not having to share an office; no offense to any former officemates of mine, of course, if you're out there.

Taking the night off tonight, after many late-nighters. Longing to feel couch under my back. (Don't know why that sounds so...suggestive.)

Outstanding visit with P.J.--a.k.a. Uncle Patrick if you're Gabi--last weekend. It's so great when you can hang out with your oldest, bestest, beastest friends without feeling awkward or different from the old days. I wasn't sharp enough to think of photographing the tomatoes and basil and peppers from his folks' garden, but I will be enjoying the sauce and pesto for a month. Oh yeah, and his haircut rocks. So glad he's within arm's reach now, albeit long interstate arms, but he's a fella with long arms, so it's all good.

So what about the papercuts?

I'm in the preliminary stages of starting my Big Fall Poetry Submission. My dream last night actually involved 10 X 13 manila envelopes. Anyone else getting ready to send poems out into the abyss? I know some of my Chicago chicas are. How's it going, poets? Should we have a pep rally? Will this be a good year?


Byf said...

I'm glad you're feeling fulfilled. Tired, but fulfilled.

I miss gardens. One big drawback of living in NYC. Of course, the folks in N'awlins have bigger drawbacks these days. I'm saying as many Catholic prayers for them as I can remember.

Hail Mary!

Suzanne said...

HA! I'm way ahead of you Mary, before I hit the birthing center tomorrow I'll be stopping by the post office to mail submissions. After I leave the center, well, I'll most likely be way behind you. Glad your first day went well. Here's to a great submission year.

Katie said...

I'm so glad your first day of classes went well. Take a cup of hot tea with you to the couch and rest a little for me while your at it.

Your visit with P.J. sounds wonderful and makes me want to catch up with old friends. Fresh tomato and basil....sounds delicious.

Charles said...

Emergency deodorant is a critical desk accessory. I'm with you there.

brandijay said...

Holy hell do submissions stress me out. I've got 25 out for the fall, and am in the process of doing fall book submissions for the first time, and am also gathering info for a January mag submission so I don't have to do it during the semester... all this is leaving a bad taste in my mouth... Blecck. Ick. I'm way too down to be posting on your lovely blog!

brandijay said...

p.s. Jealous that you're reading with Nin Andrews... I like her work very much :)

wickedpen said...

Just now getting a slew of rejections back from the places that take summer submissions (unfortunately just not mine)and shall soon be embarking on a plan for fall subs, though I'm never quite organized enough it seems when it comes to sending out work.

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