You did WHAT?

Mechanical Android Responsible for Yelling

Got this from Kathi's blog and thought the results were way too accurate to pass up.

Happy to say that I have successfully finished writing all three of my syllabi for this semester. Shot some hoops in the driveway as post-syllabus-writing therapy. It worked.

Wish me luck; tomorrow I am officially reporting for duty. Whoopsh!


Nick said…
Same here, I'm going back to work (T.E.S.L.) after my vacation. Buona Fortuna to the both of us. Good luck!
P. J. said…
You had a more productive day than I did! (Of course, I have a Playstation and you don't.)

Good luck, o Shu!
gina said…
You'll be stunning, of course. --Luck!
Justin Evans said…
Have a fabulous first day teaching! I am certain you will be wonderful.
brandijay said…
If ever you doubt yourself as a teacher, all you have to do is look at your nameplate, was it?, with "Dr. Mary Biddinger" on the door! :)

Go get em, Tiger!
Kathi said…
Hee hee, love the robot name. Have a kickass first day Dr.(Professor?) Biddinger. Good Luck.
Just stumbled upon your blog. I enjoy your writing.

All the best of luck!
Good luck on your first big day on the job! I can't believe it is already here.

I also can't believe there are advertisers that post in blogs with links to their product. What is our society coming to?
Suzanne said…
Good luck, Mary!
Penultimatina said…
Thanks folks! Tomorrow my classes start, and I am ready.

Sore feet from being at the office today. Grown-up-ish shoes are cruel!

Timmy said…
Enjoy, I come from a family of educators. Teaching is great.
Kendra said…
Sounds like you're ready to go...hope today went well Mary!