Slouching toward 4,000

Will the word cage hit 4,000 visits tonight?

Will I be here, sleeping, when that happens? Or should I put on a pot of coffee and wait it out?


Hope I can help you hit 4K.

Go, Wordcage, go!
Penultimatina said…
Ack, still stuck at 3,967.

Do I need to resort to photos of sexy books, or something? :)
Nick said…
Did you make it?... Where do we stand?... Enquiring minds want to know!
Penultimatina said…
Eh bien...voila!

Up to 4,029 now.

And the count to 5,000 begins.
Nick said…
Congrats, and many more to come!
Xtine said…
I've arrived-- hopping you can go to sleep now.