20 October 2005

Every have times where you can just...

...think so much more clearly?

As if a fog has been lifted? Like you want to shout halleluia! because all of a sudden everything makes (more) sense and all of the trees look so vivid?

No, I'm not intoxicated.

Lately I've just been able to think more poetically. Like I look at a photograph or out the window, and start feeling the scenes. Or something reminds me of a place I've been, and it all comes piling back into my consciousness (why do I feel the urge to end this sentence with "dude"?).

It's been a while since I've been inspired and lucid. Of course, it hasn't translated into much actual poetry, but hopefully soon. Coincidentally, I am planning to put my book manuscript out of commission for a while, due to major construction. I'm taking the summer off to revise (and to do a few other little things *wink*).

Maybe this is all because of Fall. Maybe I feel like this every year, and then forget about it. Justin, I will have some red leaf pictures for you after this weekend. The Cuyahoga Valley is on fire (and not due to pollution).


Justin Evans said...

And I promise to send you a copy of any and all poetry that comes of seeing those pictures. Hell, I might just send you some of the ones that have come already.

Strong Enough said...

*Wink* *Wink*

Jenna from Texas said...

Ditto to Tracy. ;)

Unfortunately the leaves in Texas are not on fire. Although we are getting a cool front today - it will only be 85 degrees for the UT football game tomorrow. :)

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