18 October 2005

Call me Squeaky.

Last night's reading was fantastic. We'd originally been planning for 75, but thank goodness we upped it to 100, because we topped out at 150 attendees to hear Edwidge Danticat and eat mini quiche. She gave a wonderful reading, and took questions for over a half hour. I got through my introduction without stumbling, but...

MY FREAKIN' VOICE, people! I didn't realize how much I like my own voice until I had to spend a whole night talking like this gruff-yet-squeaky version of myself. It was so hard to be...melodious. I probably could've broken into a rousing rendition of Joan Jett and the Blackhearts' I Love Rock 'N Roll. I did break into a hideous coughing fit after my intro was done, saved only by a Smint and swig of water and many desperate prayers.

Oh yes, and my ears keep popping, which makes me sqeaky and LOUD too. Such a flattering combination.

PJ, do you want me to record you've got mail for you with this voice? Any other requests?

Tomorrow I am taking the day off (mostly).


Strong Enough said...

I'm glad that last went off without a hitch, except for your vocie of course. Gargle with salt water. Yuck!

Melissa said...

Hope you're feeling better soon, Mary!

Penultimatina said...

Thanks guys!

Melissa, love the new pic! :)

P. J. said...

Since a Smint was your salvation, how about "You've got Smail"?