17 November 2005

Bonnie & Clyde 06...holla!

Woohoo...PJ has a phat new set of wheels, so we will be arriving at Winter Wheat in style. I can't wait to experience that new car smell. They should bottle it to apply liberally to aging red Corollas. BTW, the ride pictured is NOT PJ's new vehicle, but it sure is sick.

The tension is already mounting for this weekend's Michigan vs Ohio State game. It's pretty rough being a Michigan fan in OSU country. I am always wondering if people around here are tailgating me because they're late for work, or because of my wolverine license plate holder. I'll get to hash this out with a certain well-known OSU fan this weekend at Winter Wheat. Let's go blue! ::duck::


Penultimatina said...

We're here and having fun. Woohoo! Pics of Cosmos to be posted, hopefully Sunday pm when I can dump 'em finally.

Stephanie King said...

Hi Mary. Didn't get the chance to talk to you at Winter Wheat, unfortunately. Though I did briefly see you today in the speed scrabble session - I was the girl sitting next to Karen. So, I'll informally introduce myself here. I'm Stephanie, second year poetry MFA here at BG - stumbled onto your blog after being told to check it out.

Just wanted to drop a note and say hello, you have a nice blog. :) Sorry I didn't get to talk to you while you were in. It is always nice to meet new folks with interests similar to your own.

Hope to meet you next time.

P. J. said...

I owe you two soft tacos and a bean burrito.

I forgot to tell you, after my late-Saturday/early-Sunday perambulation, at 1:45 a.m., with a snotty nose, I ransacked the snack machine for a bag of Chex Mix and some of that other stuff you had to make sure it was substantial eating. It filled me, but I'm showing up at Christmas with a bag of Taco Bell in hand anyway.

cornshake said...

I won't gloat. Nope, not gonna do it...won't...but...I can't.. help it...


(hee hee, seriously, i thought UM put up a great fight--I was sweatin' till the very end)

Penultimatina said...

PJ--make it two chicken soft tacos and a mexi melt...hold the chex mix. :P