I'm taking a ride with my best friend.

Where did November go? Can it already be the week of Winter Wheat? Right now I am printing flyers and loading issues of RHINO into my rolling briefcase and planning for my workshop (The Creative Writing Classroom: Tested Techniques for Teachers and Students) and getting ready for tomorrow night's U of Akron student open mic at The Mocha Maiden in fantastic downtown Akron.

Then on Friday dear PJ and I head off to our alma mater for a weekend of writing, reminiscing, and coveting of the grotto at Cosmo's. What fun! Please forgive the brief Wordcage haitus; I will be back with beaucoup de photos.


P. J. said…

I had a dream two nights ago about Video Spectrum. I think I still owe them 20 bucks.
Penultimatina said…
Let's make sure we have two pairs of nose and glasses just in case we walk by there.

Didn't I always call that place Video Speculum?